Super 8 digitalisieren mit Flashscan 8 vom Testsieger
Super 8 digitalisieren mit Flashscan 8 vom Testsieger

DCP mastering

Digital Cinema Packages (DCP) will are playing the mayor role in todays cinema screenings. We provide professional Service to get your movie in best quality and hassle-free on the big screen. All our DCPs are 100% checked and compatible.


Please get in contact with us for technical details and quotes.



35mm film recording

We offer a complete Digital Intermediate workflow - delivering a perfect 35mm projection print.


We help to plan and budget your project and support you through the complete process.

With our proven technology we can offer cost effective and fast service at a very high quality level. This is ideal for trailers, spots and short films, as well as complete feature films and documentaries or archival purposes.

We can deliver a complete package including sound and filmlab service or we deliver just the picture negative if you prefer to work with your own lab.


For your individual quote please contact us by email or telephone.


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