Super 8 digitalisieren mit Flashscan 8 vom Testsieger
Super 8 digitalisieren mit Flashscan 8 vom Testsieger

Flashtransfer Vario 2k+ for 16/35mm

Flashtransfer Vario 2k+ Filmscanner

The flashtransfer “vario” combines several characteristics which have been developed to meet all the requirements in a film archive or postproduction environment. It is practically possible to use any picture sensor to get resolutions up to 4K or higher. With the build in “LSD” (Laser shrinkage detector) the system can transfer dynamically shrunken material (up to 4%) without any problems while it collects different types of meta data (XML file) like condition of perforation, splices, shrinkage etc. The continuous capstan film transport with its large guide rollers and the possibility to use large film reels up to 4000ft reduces the risk of damaging the film material during the transfer process to a minimum. The optimized laser technology provides you excellent picture stability even with highly damaged material.

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MWA flashtransfer Choice - High-End filmscanner for N8/Super8 & 9,5mm Pathé

Flashtransfer Choice 2K+ Scanner

With our new flashtransfer Choice 2,3K filmscanner we provide the highest possible scanning quality for Super8 / regular8 / Pathé / 16mm filmscanning to meet all professional requirements of today. We can scan resolutions up to 2,3 K.

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true HD telecine is here: FlashScan HD

Flashscan HD Filmscanner

since 2009 we provide high definition HD telecine with the latest FlashScan HD filmscanner developed by MWA-Nova.

this is the latest and perfect technology for REAL progressive HDTV 1080 / 720 uncompressed telecine - the best you can get from your 8mm films. all about the technology of our new FlashScan HD telecine read more ...



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